Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Past Wars Reflected In Myself

 My four main backgrounds consist of :  German, Jewish, Cree First Nation, and a family of Cowboys.


The German's and Jewish populations in WWII suffered from the Holocaust. Many Jews were held in concentration camps, where many different sorts of torture occurred. This means that a quarter of my family would performing genocide and torturing another quarter of my ancestors. The Germans used the Jews As a scapegoat for all the misfortunes from the first World War. This picture is of Hiltler Saluting his army. His army performed most of the genocide and torturing to the Jews.

Many natives were killed due to cowboys coming to Canada and trying to change natives lives for "the better". Residential Schools were set up by missionaries to get native children to adopt christian and white ways. Some of my family were enrolled in these schools. One family member was killed beacuse he had severe stomache pains but could not explain it in English so the teachers ignored him. His appendix exploded and led to his death. This picture is of some native students outside a residential school, as you can see they are not wearing their original clothing but clothing adopted from caucasians.


  1. I think it is so sad how the jewish people were murdered because Hitler wanted to "create" a pure race. It just makes me sick to think about. It was wrong in every way. I also don't agree with the way the natives were forced to conform to the white man's standards or way of life. The natives were a unique people and they deserved the right to their own way of life.

  2. Hey Shelby, I like how your doing your blog about your ancestry, as it's really interesting to read. I particularly liked the native part about this post, because everyone remembers Hitler and the Holocaust, but not everyone remembers about the way the natives were treated when settlers first came to Canada. It was interesting to read about your family member who was killed - it's an example of just how much most settlers didn't care about the natives themselves, but rather making them 'white', or 'civilized'. Good post.

  3. Hey Shelby, I too agree that writing about your ancestry is an awesome idea for a blogging topic. There is so many interesting facts to learn about your ancestors and where your origion was from. Your blogs are not only interesting to read, but they are actual facts about history and the history of your ancestors. The part in your blog about one of your family members dying because he couldn't get the message across clearly to his english teacher, is quite disturbing. The teacher could have noticed the boy was maybe in pain and would have taken him to the nurse, but instead he was ignored and died because of the teacher. What a horrible way to go. It was also interesting to learn about the natives during the time of Hitler's reign. Great blog Shelby! and i'm looking forward to reading more :)