Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My other Ancestory

I will start with the rest of my fathers side of the family, then I will go on to my mothers side of the family. My father's mother's ancestors came from Norway and Sweden. Many of my ancestors were cowboys, or ranchers. my great grandmothers uncle owned one of the largest ranches in North Alberta and possibly Canada. He drained the Kluscan lake in order to recieve 45 000 acres of land. At this ranch there were many head of cattle "At one point about 2 000 head of Hereford, shorthorn, and crosses grazed on this range" (Dika Livestock 25). This side of my family consists largely of ranchers.

My mother's, mom's side of the family is ancestor from Cree First Nation. Ancestors travelled by foot from around Edmonton all the way to Sturgeon Lake Reservation. My mother's father's side is mainly Jewish, however I do not know very much background from my mother's side, but these are the more important points.

So as you can see my background consists of 4 main different races from around the world.

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  1. Shelby, I think that is very interesting how you have came from such a historic background and how your ancestors have accomplished so much. I am very curious to where you are going with your blog and I plan to keep on reading to find out more about your heritage.